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The System Is Down

Yup, down. The server is apparently having issues - I just checked my host's website and they're working on it. So, now we wait. *twitches impatiently*

Sorry for the delays - write up your posts in notepad while you wait! ;)


Down again, has been for the last 30-45 minutes. Support ticket in but I'm out for the evening. Anyone that reads this; direct any issues to Emblem Eclipse/Firehawk, kay?


Site Down Again!

Ticket has been put into tech support. I'm mainly posting here to both 1) let you know and 2) keep track of this random annoyance.

Sorrry ;.;

Apparently . . .

It was a server memory issue:


It was a server memory issue, not specific to your site. All your data is safe.

Thank you,

Blake Cheatham
System Administrator
Invision Power Services

Yay! Not something I did. ;)

Aaannnd . . . we're back!

They're still looking into it. But at least we've returned! ^^

Response So Far From Invision

My Original Support Ticket:

I am currently unable to access my board (paragon.invisionzone.com) at all. I can access my website associated with the board (http://www.paragon.invisionzone.com/paragon/) but not the board itself / ACP or Control Panel.

This has been happening between 645 and 715 am so far Eastern Standard Time. I have tried multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox) and the issue does not resolve.

Please help? Thanks!


Their response (within half an hour even!)

Today, 08:01 AM
Staff: Giuseppe Casagrande

Our hosting department is aware of the issue and is looking into it, we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Giuseppe Casagrande
Invision Power Services Support

So, hey they're working on it, thankfully. ^^ This is why I pay for the hosting. :) $20/mo is a bit of a bite, but it has benefits! ^^

Site is DOWN

I have no idea why, but there is a ticket into Invision's tech support. Hopefully this gets resolved soon! Apologies for the annnoyance. ;.;

Invisionpower tis apparently DOWN x.x

As of this post, I cannot access Paragon OR it's host's client page. Thus, leading me to believe the entire thing is down for some reason. I imagine it's only temporary, and they'll likely have everything up and back to 100% soon. After all, they are awesome like that. :)

So, hang in there y'all ^^

~ Cheryl :)


Welcome to the Paragon LJ community! :)

For the most part, this will serve as a place for me to post information if the forums ever go down and I can't access the website.

So, there you go then.

Forums: http://paragon.invisionzone.com